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BerryLook- 5 ways to style fur coats in the office

by robeager
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When it comes to dressing for the office, the choices may often seem limited. The market is flooded with various styles of coats and jackets but sometimes they are rather costly too. BerryLook, an online marketplace offers dresses, pants, sweaters, shoes, and outwear extra. They offer their fashion products at affordable rates by giving away BerryLook offers and discounts. Fur coats are always a big part of winter fashion. They add a touch of glamor to style and make people look more elegant in their office. So look no further! Here are some cool tips that will help one to choose a coat that works best for their workplace and also help them style that coat in an office space so that they can impress their coworkers.
Here are 5 simple ways to style fur coats in an office workspace: 

1. Long fur coat with formal slacks to be classic.

People are going to want a long fur coat with formal slacks this winter. Fur is an evergreen trend, and it’s great to have a classic look that never goes out of trend. To get the look people can start pairing a long coat with their favorite pants. (recommend black, because they go with everything!)The fur coat is one of the best-known and most beloved styles in the fashion world. It’s also one of the hardest to pull off since it requires a bit of precision and confidence. For this reason, one wears their fur coat with formal slacks—not jeans, but rather pants made from a thinner material than denim and tailored to fit snugly around their hips so they don’t come loose when they bend over.

This will not only make them look more stylish than if they were wearing jeans or sweatpants but also give them an air of confidence that will help them feel like a boss when wearing a fur coat! Shopping from BerryLook? Get BerryLook discount codes and save extra on orders.

2. Over a turtleneck and sweatpants

The best way to style fur coats at work is with a turtleneck and sweatpants. This will give them some extra height on the collar and keep their neck warm. This will still allow them to show off their best piece of outerwear. Start off with something that shows off shoulders and collarbones, like a turtleneck or sweater. This will help to balance out the curves of the fur coat and keep it from looking too bulky around the neck. Use BerryLook promo codes and get products at affordable prices. Choose a pair of sweatpants or sweatpants shorts that are similar in color to what they wear under coats. These pants should be dark enough to match the color of the shoes and make sure they feel comfortable enough that they won’t want to take them off after work!

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Wearing boots with heels will give an extra boost of height without making them look like they’re wearing platform shoes (which can sometimes look very awkward). Finally, make sure that everything matches! If there’s any chance at all that something will clash when paired together, avoid wearing it together—it’ll just end up looking like an eyesore instead of an elegant addition. Don’t forget to check StyleWe coupons too. 

3. With a white blouse and formal grey pants

This outfit is perfect for the office! The fur coat is a perfect touch of luxury to an otherwise professional look. It can also be paired with a white blouse, which is a little more casual than typical business attire, but still looks sharp and polished. The grey pants are also a great choice: they’re both formal enough to be worn in the office, but they also have enough texture to give them some character.  If they want to keep it casual, go for a sweater instead of a button-up shirt. It will still look polished, but there’s no need for all that buttoning and unbuttoning! Use the BerryLook coupon code and get a discount on products.

4. Vintage mink fur coat with jeans and a solid-toned top.

This vintage mink fur coat with jeans and solid toned top will make any work outfit look like they’re channeling Lucille Bluth.

The color of the fur coat can be anything from classic black to bright red, so get creative! One can also play around with how much of their fur coat shows when they wear it—the more they show off, the more daring and fun their look is. Colors that go well with dark colors include navy blue, black, grey, brown (especially if it’s warm), and purple. Colors that go well with light colors include: white, light grey, yellow, pink (one can go for pastel pinks or bolder shades), orange (if it’s not too bright), green (if it’s not too dark), red (if it’s not too bright). Buy 3 for 10%off and buy 4 for 13%off from the BerryLook sale.

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5. With brown pants or beige leather pants

Fur coats, beige leather pants, and black leather boots—this is the perfect outfit to wear when people are at work. The fur coat is a classic in every sense of the word. It’s warm, it’s elegant and it looks great on everyone. To complete the look, pair it with brown pants or beige leather pants. These are great because they can be dressed up or down depending on what kind of environment they’re going to encounter during the day. If it’s more formal, then go for brown trousers; if it’s more casual, then wear beige leather pants instead.

Just remember that whatever color they choose for their trousers will depend on whether or not they want to add some color to their outfit—if not, they’ll just look like regular old clothes! Finally, finish off the ensemble by adding black leather boots and a black leather belt with some silver buckles on it so that it matches the belt buckle perfectly! Check out BerryLook deals and get exclusive attires at discounted prices.

The fur trend is here to stay, and it’s likely to keep spreading. No longer reserved for the runways of Milan or Paris, fur is now a popular design element in fashion houses around the globe. From teddy bear coats to fuzzy wrap coats, there are a wealth of options when it comes to wearing furry fabrics in everyday office environments. Consider this list: complete with tips for choosing an animal-friendly coat style and easy ways to fill the wardrobe. Get affordable and beautiful dresses, fur coats, and other fashion clothing from BerryLook shopping.

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