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Abu Dhabi City Tour Corniche Park:

Abu Dhabi Corniche Park & ​​Gardens:
The Abu Dhabi Corniche created 2001-2005 rush to 5km from Sheraton to Hilton and Garden Hotel. Cooked cultivation and Corniche now have good growth and sand beaches around the children’s play area and facilities for athletes.

Parsons International manages the project.Landscape architects are based in Toronto, Canada. Waveforms are used as physical representations.

And the symbol of the sea interaction with Sun-Shades that bounced will cause both camping and waves (‘white horse’).

The area is about 50 ha and designed as answers. Fantastic, intelligent, climate, society, and culture of Abu Dhabi Park, Corniche is very popular in the winter and used even in the humid heat of the summer.

Corniche Park:

Local Namecorniche Park
Location of Abu Dhabi, UAE

The Corniche is located in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. Corniche has a length of 8 km and includes a play area for kids, separate circuits and pedestrians, restaurants, cafes, and Corniche Beach.


It creates a sweeping curve on the west side of Abu Dhabi.

And full of In 2002 and 2003, the land was reused from the sea and Corniche expanded the previous major. Some of the mixed sand in the process of Corniche in 1969 was used as a public beach.

The current area occupied by Corniche is the beach that shows ships used to seize and Transfer products or people. At that time, the Mina Zayed area had not been created.

About Abu Dhabi:

Atmospheric backstreets paint a very different picture to first impressions of Abu Dhabi. The often slick and modern capital of the U.A.E. presents a fascinating mixture of tradition and progression.

Tracing its rich history back to around 3000 B.C., Abu Dhabi maintains a more distinctly Arabian ambiance than glitzy Dubai.

Taxis are a safe, reliable way to get around sites such as The Corniche Park, the White Fort, the Heritage Village, which offers glimpses into Bedouin life, and the Women’s Craft Centre.

Getting Around the City of Abu Dhabi 

Getting around is not a problem in a city like Abu Dhabi. Public transport is quite well established with buses, taxis, ferries, and hydroplanes.

You can also rent a car but do keep in mind that it might take you some time to be accustomed to the street numbering.

Another way to get around the capital is by walking, but the heat might make it uncomfortable for you, especially in the summer. You can also rent cycles to tour Abu Dhabi with your family. 

Many tourists add a getaway to Abu Dhabi to their Dubai tour, as it’s easy to travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. Many buses and taxis are available for the same. 

Where to Satiate Your Taste Buds in Abu Dhabi? 

In Abu Dhabi, you can find almost any cuisine!

There are options for vegetarians, and Indian dishes are served in the city too. Here is a list of restaurants and eateries where you can savor the local flavors of Abu Dhabi with your adored ones. 

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