Basketball: What Does FG Mean?

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In the dynamic world of basketball, there are various terms and statistics that may seem perplexing to newcomers and even seasoned fans. One such term is “FG,” which holds significance in understanding a player’s performance on the court. In this article, we delve into the meaning of FG in basketball and its relevance.

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Learn about the meaning of FG in basketball and its significance in evaluating player performance. Get insights into field goals, shooting efficiency, and more.

What is FG in Basketball?

Defining FG

FG stands for “Field Goals” in basketball. It refers to the number of successful shots made by a player during a game, excluding free throws.

Significance of FG

FG is a crucial statistic in evaluating a player’s shooting efficiency and effectiveness on the court. It provides insights into a player’s scoring ability and contribution to the team’s offense.

Types of Field Goals

Two-Point Field Goals

A two-point field goal is scored when a player makes a basket from anywhere inside the three-point line.

Three-Point Field Goals

A three-point field goal is scored when a player successfully shoots the ball from beyond the three-point line.

Percentage Calculation

FG percentage (FG%) is calculated by dividing the total number of successful field goals by the total number of attempted field goals, multiplied by 100.

Understanding FG in Player Performance

Shooting Efficiency

A high FG percentage indicates that a player is making a significant number of shots, showcasing their efficiency in scoring.

Offensive Contribution

FG reflects a player’s contribution to the team’s offense by converting scoring opportunities into points.

Impact of FG on Team Strategy

Strategic Importance

Coaches often analyze FG statistics to assess player performance and devise game strategies.

Balancing Offense

Players with a high FG percentage are often relied upon to lead the team’s offense and maintain scoring consistency.


What is a good FG percentage in basketball?

A good FG percentage typically ranges between 45% to 50%, although it may vary based on the player’s position and style of play.

How does FG differ from FG%?

FG represents the total number of successful field goals made by a player, while FG% is the percentage calculated based on the ratio of successful field goals to attempted field goals.

Is FG inclusive of free throws?

No, FG only includes successful shots made from the field, excluding free throws.


In conclusion, FG in basketball stands for “Field Goals,” representing the number of successful shots made by a player during a game. It serves as a vital metric for evaluating shooting efficiency and offensive contribution. Understanding FG is essential for comprehending player performance and team strategies on the basketball court.

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