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Best small business firewall 2021

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Best small business firewall 2021

A recent industrial survey indicated that almost 50% of every small business organization faces the problems of breaching. Only few companies have cyber protection against such crimes. For dealing with such crisis many companies try to train their employees in security specialisation. But that’s not really easy. They need to invest lots of money and human abilities in it. That’s why we have come up with a great solution here. There are many firewalls working for small businesses which you may use for security purposes. Now you must be thinking that which firewall you should choose for your small business. Then let us tell you that here we are going to present a list of best small business firewalls 2021.

List of best leading firewalls for small business:

According to experts review, following Firewalls are considered as the best security softwares for small businesses. These names are ordered according to their rankings by customers.

Watch-guard network security

Different businesses prefer to work with a third party as a security server. Watch guard network security is perfect for those small businesses.


Experts have told us that these firewalls show great easiness in managing. The special thing about this firewall is that you can manage it along different clients. If you want to make it separate for each client then you can actually do it without the help of any security specialist. Watchguard also offers 24/7 customer support which is highly appreciated by the users. Its vendors abilities to support the in-house and out office ability to manage the business security show its flexibility.


Coming to its cons, then many users have called it as something expensive. No doubt the platform is offering variety of features to the small business but its cost is high. However those small businesses that are its all of the features can justify its cost.

Pfsense- the open source option

It is one of the open source firewall software for small business. This software is somehow free and you may also enjoy the customer support free. This platform is unique because it do not sell its features using the third party. It is highly recommended as a best firewall for small businesses 2021.


This platform has many features which are greatly useful such as it works as a traffic router along with the firewall. This platform has load balancing capabilities. Its graphical user interface is seen as highly friendly and easily accessible. All the open source documents are bad at managing heavy load on site but pfsense always get admiration for its load capacities.


As this platform is famous for its open access but that’s something also a main draw back of this website. A possible drawback of this platform is that you are not able to purchase a hardware for running appliances on it. Its software improvements also depend on community engagement. But as far as you have running firewall with some community products behind it then this should be your top priority as best firewall 2021 for small business.

Cisco meraki MX- the option for multi location business

Cisco is a wide area network and unified threat management appliance. It can improve your central firewall through supporting the security services by making networks with multiple clients. It has many wonderful features such ad VPN, cloud management and multi location services.


The Cisco has a power for its brand name. Other than its brand popularity, Cisco is famous at ease of deployment and administrative friendliness. The non professionals IT experts will understand the phenomenon easily and they will not get any difficulty. Plus its wide range features do not cause any trouble and complications in its use.


While discussing its cons, we would tell you about its customer support. As they are giving easiness in its use then there might be less availability for customer support. You may get problems with that.

Sonic wall TZ- the option for IT pro

This sonic wall firewall is useful for people who are IT professionals and who have a deep understanding of security platforms. It offers NGFW and UTM type features. It also helps you to enjoy features of malware detection and content filtering.


Reviewers have given it a good grade in geo filtering capabilities. It can give lots of benefits if the traffic is geo centralised. It has consistent graphical interface. It also contributes to firewall use of accessibility and easiness.


As you know it helps in graphic interface accessibility but users report about its novices. If you are not good at managing documentation in firewalls then through this platform, it can become a battle for you to manage and handle the documents. Some users say that its price is not justified according to its features. Moreover, people also complaints about its products licensing model.

Sonicwall NSA- A set up for fast growers

On the basis of functionality, it is somehow similar to the other sonic wall firewalls. It has comprehensive resource management and intrusions detection. This version has bigger capacity for internet connections. It offers high size physical mounting and storage.


This series has higher capacity, easy installation processes and good maintenance. As you know that it has increased potential so it has more capacity to prevent the data loss. The users praise it for many benefits. And among all it is famous for its capacity size.


This is not launched as a novice system. This platform is not accurate for working in a larger organisation. But it may work well for midsized business companies.

So this is how you know the best small business firewalls of 2021. You can find out many other firewalls on different websites. But it depends on you what type of features and qualities are your priority. We have mentioned both the pros and cons according to our experts review here, so that you may decide to choose the best firewall for your small business.

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