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Great way to impress your business chief guests in Dubai marina

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Great way to impress your business chief guests in Dubai marina

Many business companies visit Dubai for meetings, seminars, and award shows. There is a man-made city in Dubai, Dubai marina which is famous among companies. It is famous for its high-rise buildings with modern architecture and yacht rentals. The place proves best for the corporate sector. When celebrating such an event, it is necessary to satisfy the guests and especially the chief guest. As the venue matters a lot. So, there are many eye-catching venues where you can hold a corporate event.

Every corporate event has some goals which are necessary to fulfill. For the sake of goals, it is necessary to impress the chief guests by giving a good impression of your company. Make sure to provide them with the best services and great hospitality. All this will result in a good name and profit for the company.

Following are some ways to impress the chief guest:

  • Book a limo rental Dubai marina

Treat the chief guests like royalty and book a limo rental Dubai marina for the pick and drop services. The limo will pick up the guest from the hotel and make their journey comfortable. The leather seats and LCD make it an attractive ride. The guest will get impressed by the idea of such pick and drop service and your company.

  • Select a unique venue

As there are many restaurants and hotels in the Dubai marina. Yachts are also an attractive venue for corporate events. Following are some unique venues for such big gatherings and corporate events:

v Venues in Dubai marina 

  1. Sail along the marina coastal areas in a yacht 

Dubai Marina is famous for its yacht rental services. They offer a wide range of yachts from 33 ft to 220 ft. You can book a suitable yacht according to the mood of the event and the number of guests. Like there is a Desert rose yacht available for the corporate event. It is 155 ft in size and can hold around 250 guests. Its large deck allows the guests to enjoy the beautiful architecture of the Dubai marina and the sunset view in the evening. The crew offers a 5-star gourmet buffet dinner to the guests which is tasty and healthy. Team members of the yacht will treat the guests with the best and make them feel like a celebrity.

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Another yacht famous for such big events is the Lotus mega yacht. Its size is 220 ft and can accommodate 500 guests onboard. 3 large decks allow the guests to enjoy and move freely. The crew members show their professionalism and make the guests comfortable. The guests will not resist praising the idea of booking a yacht for the corporate event. The decision will surely impress the chief guest and will make the company’s good name.

  • Taste the real feel of a Desert safari

Desert safari is one of the famous places which attracts tourists from all over the world. Another unique idea is to organize a corporate event in the dunes and experience the real feel. There are many entertainment options available. Book for a highly professional catering service and they will make the arrangements for the event according to the need.

  • Feel royal in The Address Hotel 

The address hotel is a 5-star hotel. It has huge conference rooms and meeting halls. In addition, there are 220 guest rooms where guests from out of town can stay. The meeting rooms have everything which guests can need. The proper facility of private desks, mic, speakers, and WIFI is available. A delicious food course from nine different flavors is available. The beautiful interior of the hotel will make the guests stun and they praise your choice. There is an open area also available for big events and it can be decorated according to the need.

  • Witness the beautiful architecture of the JW Marriot hotel 

The luxurious tall hotel welcomes the guests and offers an iconic view of the marina landscape. There is a huge meeting room which can accommodate 80,000 guests at the same time. Its versatile design makes it different from the rest of the places. The rooms of the hotel have everything of need in them including high-speed WIFI. Furthermore, highly professional catering is available for the guests. Fresh and delicious food is in their bucket to entertain your special guests.

  • Present the business proposal in an authentic way
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When you have special guests inform of you and want to impress them. Always try to be authentic with your goals. Furthermore, present the business module or strategy brilliantly so that no one resists it. Hence, everyone tries to be a part of the company. It is the hardest part of the event to show the company decently.

  • Plan some delicious food on the menu

Any event is incomplete without delicious food. Thus, to impress someone, pick out the special dishes and variety among them. The staff of each place will provide you with fresh and tasty food. Moreover, the food will make the guests energetic and they will praise your hard work.

  • Mark some entertainment options

Live music or DJ fits perfectly for such events and there should be some games for the children if they are with the guests. Therefore, it is very necessary to keep the guests active. So, for this sake, must include some music in the checklist.

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