How Identity Resolution Technology is Changing the Landscape of Customer Relationship Management

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Identity resolution technology is changing the landscape of customer relationship management by powering personalized experiences. It helps connect the dots between anonymous visitor data and known visitor behavior to improve omnichannel marketing, boost conversion rates, and enhance customer trust.

Marketers use identity resolution to create a single, persistent profile for each customer. This ensures all teams can access and use this data to deliver a more personalized experience.

Personalized Experiences

The identity resolution technology is transforming the landscape of customer relationship management, providing marketers with a more holistic view of their customers across devices and channels. This holistic view helps them understand their customer’s behaviors and preferences so that they can deliver highly personalized content and messages.

The first step to implementing Identity Resolution is to bring together all of the customer data that your organization has into one system. This is called “data onboarding.” The goal is to create a single unified record of each customer while preserving and securing their privacy.

Once this is done, it’s time to connect all customer data to a digital identity graph. An ID graph is a profile database that houses all known identifiers, including offline CRM data, app searches, web browser history, and more.

Ultimately, this ID graph connects to your brand’s activation channels – advertising platforms, media partners, or analytics tools. Once connected, your customer profiles will be available to any team in your organization, enabling them to build and execute targeted campaigns that drive business results.

This technology is necessary for any marketing team looking to create a more personalized customer experience. It also helps them stay compliant with data privacy and security regulatory requirements. With this information, they can deliver more trusted relationships that lead to boosted conversion rates and improved sales.

Boosted Conversion Rates

As more people use multiple devices and channels to interact with brands, delivering personalized experiences at each stage of the buying journey is crucial. Whether customers are browsing through a website, adding items to their cart on a mobile app, or searching for their next purchase via a Google AdWords search ad, they expect to receive relevant brand messaging that will help them make an informed decision.

Identity resolution software is a critical component of digital marketing strategy, which relies on accurate information about customers for targeting campaigns and providing more meaningful and engaging customer experiences. With inaccurate data, marketers fail to deliver the right messages and products at the right time, leading to wasted campaign investment and poor results.

Using deterministic matching methods, identity resolution helps sort and eliminate duplicates from large customer data sets. This gives businesses a more complete picture of their audience and leads to better personalization, which boosts conversion rates.

In addition, identity resolution can detect and resolve entities listed with different spellings or formatting, helping companies analyze their customer data more accurately. These processes also allow organizations to segment their customers for targeted marketing initiatives.

Ultimately, the most effective identity solutions enable digital recognition across all channels and platforms, ensuring marketers can create contextual and targeted messaging in real-time. This allows them to reach their audience at the right time, place, and on the right device – boosting conversions and increasing revenue.

More Trusted Relationships

Identity resolution technology combines a unified profile of customers with their data signals across digital channels to fuel personalized interactions. The process enables marketers to recognize and connect with their audience in the right way, at the right time, on the right device.

To create these profiles, vendors must integrate identifiers that are known to correlate with specific individuals, such as email addresses, physical addresses, mobile phone numbers, and loyalty numbers. Then, these identifiers are aligned with customer profiles using modern Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence tools.

The process often requires a user’s consent to use the information. This is particularly important as consumers become more concerned about privacy and data security.

Enhanced Data Privacy

Identity resolution technology is helping marketers understand customer data better, allowing them to build personalized campaigns and deliver more engaging experiences. This has become especially important as governments have enacted regulations like GDPR and CCPA to protect consumers’ privacy.

Identity experts use machine learning and pattern recognition to create a graph of identifiers to match a consumer with the various digital identities they’ve provided. The resulting ID graph can then recognize that person across devices and touchpoints and personalize their experience with your brand.

However, even the most intelligent matching process can only be effective if your customer data is siloed across different platforms. This is why it’s important to find an identity resolution platform that can seamlessly connect and unify data from across the martech stack, ensuring clean, unified profiles are being created for your customers.

The right solution will help you maximize your existing data by identifying duplicates and anonymous users. Additionally, a unified profile can deliver highly personalized offers across all channels and devices, helping you drive conversions and grow your business.

A trusted identity resolution solution can also ensure you’re compliant with all prevailing regulations that define a customer’s personal information in a given industry or geography. This helps you avoid fines, legal risks, and reputational damage.

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