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Top companies for business analysts

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Top companies for business analysts

According to recent business research, the importance of business analytics is growing day by day. That is why we are going to present some top companies for business analysts. Because every single person is trying to make a name in this field. And here you go with those companies where you can create a name in business analytics.


This company was established in 2001. It has its expertise in intelligence data analytics. This company is growing at massive level due to its appealing services. It has its offices located in Bangalore, Dubai, Singapore and London. This company offer their services in data visualization, marketing analytics, customer analytics, marketing research and big data to different number of industries which are CPG, Healthcare, retail, hospitality, entertainment and media. They have several career pages where you can apply for the job of business analysts. This company is really famous for its amazing packages. Although getting job in this company is a bit tough but you can earn this position with your business analytical skills.

Latent view:

It was founded in 2006. It has its offices in Chennai, Mumbai, new Jersey and Princeton. This company provides help and combine different business domains for analyst services. It works in insurance, consumer lending, consumer financial services, consumer goods, technology industries, retail, analytics, business research, decision management, quantitative modelling and many practical solutions to build. No doubt, it is going as the most influential company for business analysts. With your outstanding CV and basic business analytical skills, one can actually get a job in this prestigious company.

Mu sigma analytics:

It is one of the largest decisions science in world. It helps companies in institutional data driven decisions. It also helps with harness big data. This company was established in 2004. This company has their office in UK, US, India and Australia. It is a certified company which serves the customers with many services which are baking, technology, finance, software, healthcare. Other services than these companies are demand analytics, company analytics, network planning, transportation analytics, optimisation, risk analytics and sourcing analytics. You can get various vacant positions of business analysts in this company after every year.


Manthan company is serving in 170 retail countries in the field of chief analytics officers. It is working for consumer group organisations in almost 21 countries. They are having their offices location in multiple countries which are Singapore, UAE, UK and US. By having its portfolio for analytics solutions and products, they are architected for deep industry specificity. Moreover, manthan is helping its clients to have data driven decisions for its competent companies. You can get a career boost through this amazing top company for business analysts.

SIBIA analytics:

It is one of the best companies which is emerging greatly in the whole world. This company has expertise in stata programming, SAS, R, SPSS, marketing analytics, business intelligence, web analytics, solution development for business problems and advanced social media. Moreover, this company provides you with various services which are integrated analytics, data management, real time analytics solutions etc. They are providing all these services to their clients. No doubt, with its remarkable services it is going in the list of top companies for business analysts.

Simplify 360:

Simplify 360 is considered as one of the leading business firm in business intelligence. It gives different services such as Reporting & dashboard, Analytics and Monitoring, Workflow and CRM, Campaign management and Channel analytics. One of its strong point is that they are working with strong market brands which are ITC, HERO, Viacom18, Ogilvy etc. Moreover they are working with Telecom, Airline, media, insurance, retail, food and beverages, banking and entertainment industries. You can find out great jobs related to business analysts in this company.

Cartesian consulting:

This company has its offices in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Singapore, UK and different middle east companies. They serve several services which are customer value, CRM, Product analytics, campaign management, channel analytics, tracking and reporting of business services. They deal in e commerce, finance, hospitality, media, automotive, publishing and different industries. People who want to do jobs related to these domains in business analytics can approach this company for their career.


The offices of convergytics are located in Seattle and Bangalore. This company provides efforts for the creation of analysts in the market. With these efforts, they also focus on different solutions that may help you with business analytical processes. They work efficiently to draw a framework for future goals in business analysts. Within years, this company is providing the services of pricing analytics, digital analytics, CRM, business intelligence with different companies which include supply chain & telecom, healthcare, banking, social media, CPG, CRM etc. If you want to make a career in business analytics then you can make your future through this company.


Unmetric company has their office in New York and Chennai. They offer different analytics solutions to different companies for global brands across 30 industries. This company has worked with lots of clients which are Toyota, Edelman, Star, American airlines and KFC. This company is offering different jobs for business analysts. You need to check their official website so that you may come to know about a vacant position in their office.

Fractal analytics:

This company was established in 2001. Fractal analytics have their offices located in US, UAE, UK, Singapore, Switerzland, Italy, Canada and India. This company is offering different services related to business analytics in these countries. These services include integrated marketing effectiveness, machine learning, customer analytics or loyalty, artificial intelligence and big data visualisation. They have several posts for business analysts so you can apply here without getting into much competition.

We hope that this content was helpful for you. If you think we have missed out any important company then you can mention it at our website. Moreover, if you are in need to go to interview for business analysts jobs then do check this list of top companies for business analysts.

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