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Top technology companies in Boston

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Top technology companies in Boston

Are you a technician looking out for job? Or maybe are you in search of good tech companies to look forward for their products? If yes then this article is for you all. Because here we are going to give you details about some top technology companies in Boston. So if your target is just Boston for some amazing tech comps or then stay here and read this segment.


Formlabs comes on top in the list of famous technology companies on Boston. This company is known as the third largest company for 3d printing in the whole world. And it receives recent revaluation of worth rupees billion dollars. This company is so superb that they are said to be the unicorns of Boston. Their professionals target on the most complicated and tough 3-D projects. Their success in such projects tells their extraordinary technical skills and experience. The time is near when they will become the major part of Boston tech community.

Skill soft

Skill soft is a leading and trusted global partner

Skill soft is a leading and trusted global partner for cloud based learning, high quality innovative and performance support resources. It enables the organization in achieving competitive benefits through superior enterprise skills and wide knowledge. Moreover, the electronic softwares of skill soft help you to enhance your necessary technical skills and can elevate them. It has market cap of 1.06 billion.


Toast is a management and sale point office for restaurants which helps them to increase their sales, improves operations and create a better customer’s experience. By providing services of combination of front side, back side, and guest facing technology, toast is giving their customers an amazing commitment for delighting their restaurants in the platform of food and management. They have more than 2000 employees which are working for their management platform and they have become the leading cloud based restaurant management company.


This company is provider of sports betting and fantasy sports contest. This company makes its users to make daily and weekly sports related fantasy contests. Then they may win money on the basis of their gaming performance at individual level or in group based American sports. It is having huge investments in their gaming platform and they will soon become the first major gaming organisation associated with daily sports gambling. This company was in indirect competition with different companies but in 2018, it left all the companies behind.

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This company is created for online businesses which hives its customers a powerful platform for marketing automation and revenue email services. Their team in Boston focuses on the data of customers where they deliver all the best experiences of marketing channels and also using their emails. Their services is helping the clients in becoming more smarter and they get lots of opportunities of growth because of this platform.


It is a conversational platform for making the clients and customers communication effective with each other and with the public. They use automated marketing campaigns and live chat with their customers. The focus of this company is on tracking the leads and then contacting and settling up of a personalised communication. Then in recent years this company has scored a high achievement in their tasks.


It serves as a management tool for product experience. It helps the brand manufacturers to transfer the consumers demand and product experiences anywhere through the online marketing shops. This software help the products in becoming a product information tool and digital asset. It has a flexible approach in data modelling and seamlessly designing into our ecosystem. They have real-time experience in e commerce and this is how they have become a king of digital marketing.


It is going on top in Drupal cloud hosting. Their primary function is to host multiple sites of Drupal and with their efforts they are making this platform able to come on front. They have invested one hundred million in revenue and soon there will be a good news in the future for this company. Without any doubt, they are becoming the Boston’s most influential company serving the thousands employees in the city. This company has been stayed up loyal to Boston area as they do not move to another city such as Dropbox and Facebook.

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It is a healthcare based company which serves the public of Boston through providing care takes for young children or old age peoples. They have become a public company and almost one thousand employees are connected with this company. It was founded in 2006 in Boston. Then in later years, it started to grow out in other areas too. Now they have come a leading technology company in Boston for providing healthcare management.


Hubspot is working in the whole world for providing inbound marketing. It has created a storm in the field of inbound marketing. Basically inbound marketing is about creating  a marketing engine which makes customers through search despite having them through cold calling leads. Now they have launched a CRM, which is constantly innovating some product lines. They have a strong growth and they are leading in inbound marketing.


Logmein is famous for providing remote access to other locations from your computer in order to log in for products. From it creation to till now they have become a larger SAAS company. They have now got the Critix goto product family. But recently they have shut down their services of cloud storage maybe due to competition. This is a Boston based tech company serving them from years.

Endurance international group

This company runs the major hosting companies which are Bluehost and Hostgator. It has been recognised as the strongest technical company in Boston community since a long time. They are known as a simple subsidiary of EIG. It focus on helping small businesses and they have overall 5 million customers in the whole world. No doubt they have become a famous name in the list of top technology companies of Boston.

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