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Top ten countries with drone technology

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Top ten countries with drone technology

With the advancement in the world of technology, there is a progress in drone technology too. We really hope that you are well aware from the purpose of drone technology. But do you know which countries are going on top with this technology? If yes then its great but if no and you are really curious about this then we are here to present you with the top ten countries in drone technology. Here you will find out those countries names and their details. So what are we waiting for? Let’s start the discussion guys;

United states

The US did its first strike of drone in 2001 in Afghanistan. And now the america has many armed droned products and its technology. Another important thing about its drone technology is that it is considered as the biggest exporter of drone technology in the whole world. Apart from this, you know really well that America is being considered as the super power. So the most influential and the most strong country in drone technology is none other than America.


Israel does not announce the use of drone publicly. There’s always some political statements about its use. But the news has clearer many times about the use of drone in Israel for war purposes. So generally you can say that Israel has also drone technology. Although there are many controversies about this. Several reporters have report that the size and quality of drone weapons in Israel shows that they can be counted in the list of drone technology and drone power.

United kingdom

In 2007, UK bought the drone technology from United states and then they launched it in 2008 for their army drone technology. Then in 2016, UK again announced that they are going to purchase some more drones from America. And they will use it for their armed domestic national purposes. Uk bought Brimstone 2 messiles in place of American Hellfire. And then UK made a team with Israel Elbit’s system for tactical UAV.


The first armed drone of Iran was named as Karar. It was launcher in 2010 for the first time. Then Iran continued the use of UCAVs. Currently the forces of Iran has drone technology in work with the name of Shahed 129. They are also working at national level for the production of other drone weapons. Reports about Iran suggested that they are investing in their drone technology so they may defend their country against war from enemies.


In 2017, UAE purchased a drone that was Wing loong II from China. It is an unmanned aerial vehicle which is equivalent to American MQ-9 reaper. Other than this, UAE also bought some drone products from China in 2010 and from USA in 2013. Then they made all the technology at their own country and  they first launched it in air in 2013.

North Korea

The military forces of Korea reported that they have some explosives made named as suicide drones. That was converted from a targeted streaker. This drone was made in 2013 in north Korea. The success of Korea was a secret for everyone in the field of drone technology. No body would have think of them in this way. When they ultimately become a drone power, their competence got strong and now they are included in the top countries for drone technology in the whole world.


China developed its drone power with the name of Sharp sword which was tested in November, 2013 for its first test. And now these days China had different drone models and drone technology which are Wing loong 2, CH-4, CH-3 and all. With all these products, China is also trying to introduce some other drone equipments so that they may become super power of world and with their intense hard-work and great dedication of expertise in the field of drone technology may prove beneficial for you.

South Africa

South Africa entered in the world of drones in 2013. One of the south African company Denel dynamics tested the armed version of drone which was seeker 400 in 2013. And in this way it also became a drone power technology country. They tried to make this technology on their own and guess what they actually succeeded in this factor. Now they are being considered by the whole world as one of the top countries for drone technology. And also the country is training all of its young army people to get information about the use of these drones.


In 2015, Italy requested United states for the eruption of their missiles and MQ-9 reaper drone with the hellfire blast. This permission for launching their drone technology showed that they have become a drone power now. USA has supported Italy in becoming a drone power. Otherwise there were many controversies which were not in favour of making Italy a drone power. After its first launch, now Italy is working for further drone technology products so that they could have it on their own for future purposes and to compete their competitors equally.


In 2015, there was a photo of plan crashed made from chinese CH3. This photograph showed that the Nigerians have now access to drone technology and they have become a power in this technology. Since then, they are generating different drone technology products and their armies are being taught for several drone based equipments in order to effectively fight with the rivals. No doubt Nigeria has evolved with the passage of time related to the aspects of drone technology and its products.

So this is how you know that which countries have drone technology and which do not have. Many countries are in process of becoming a drone power. These include different under developed and developing countries. But soon there is a forecast that every country would have the power of drone technology. But for now the above countries are considered as the top ten countries for drone technology.

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